At Timber Ridge, residents like to keep busy by attending events, pursuing personal goals, or just catching up with family and friends. To keep up to date on the latest events, check back here often. We’ll have stories about everything going on at Timber Ridge and within senior living.

Resident Feature: Edwina Bassett

“As soon as I walked in, I knew this was the place for me,” Edwina said. “There was so much activity with people walking around, talking and just having a nice time.”

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Captain of Gentle Giants: Driving Clydesdales

When asked about working with Clydesdales, Duncan related it to working with people. “If you get them working together, it’s simple,” he said. “It taught me a lot about teamwork. When they don’t work together, they stay in the stable.” After years of being around Clydesdales, it’s natural that Duncan would have a favorite. “I’m …

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Family is a Patchwork of Love

“Family is a patchwork of love” represents one of the three tattoos Timber Ridge resident Stephanie Chamberlain is proud to have for illustrating her love of quilting and sewing. Her other whimsical tattoos feature a kitty with a ball of yarn and a puppy with a sewing machine. “It’s the California in her,” she says …

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