Timber Ridge at Talus Resident Edwina Bassett

Resident Feature: Edwina Bassett

“As soon as I walked in, I knew this was the place for me,” Edwina said. “There was so much activity with people walking around, talking and just having a nice time.”

As her children grew up and moved away, Edwina discovered that maintaining her large home in the Pacific Northwest was taking up most of her time and decided she didn’t want to spend her retirement that way.

Moving to Timber Ridge allowed Edwina to focus on herself and her passions and with plenty of social activities scheduled, Edwina found herself to be busier and more social than ever!

“You discover very early on that this is an active community,” Edwina said. “The residents are open and welcoming and there is always someone to go to dinner with or an interest group to join. You truly don’t just live in your apartment, you become a part of the entire community.”

Life at Timber Ridge also includes a strong focus on age empowerment. There are often opportunities for wellness education of the body and mind. The wellness center makes it easy for residents to find a physical activity they enjoy, and counselors are available to provide guidance.

Timber Ridge residents strongly believe in the importance of life-long learning and community engagement. Resident groups are dedicated to organizing lectures, educational trips and even volunteering at local elementary schools to promote multigenerational learning.

“I continue to learn by taking university classes at Timber Ridge. Thanks to the education committee we have access to a large variety of class topics and some classes are even taught by residents because many of them had a long career as educators,” Edwina said.

Retirement can seem overwhelming but having a strong community of support can help individuals live the active, fun and full retirement they always wanted.

“I am proud to call this beautiful community my home and feel so happy living here,” Edwina said. “It truly has something for everyone and I am excited to see the community continue to grow and to continue making friends.”