The Best Way to Get Moving

If you’ve been in your current home for years or even decades, there’s a good chance the real estate market has changed. We’ve helped hundreds of seniors, just like you, move to Timber Ridge. When you decide it’s time to make your move, the unknown factor of when your home will sell is one of the biggest challenges sellers face. Our experienced team is here to help!
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Your team at Timber Ridge will work closely with you to design a specialized plan to help minimize stress and maximize your excitement about what’s to come.

A hands-on approach.

A moving company will pack and move your belongings. One of our relocation specialists, also known as a move manager, does much more. We provide hands-on assistance preparing for the transition process, overseeing the details on moving day and getting you settled into your new home.

Your move manager will be fully prepared to handle your unique needs and will know what’s important to you and how you live. They’ll then translate this information to your new Timber Ridge floor plan. Your move manager has seen it all and has the experience to identify and handle any unforeseen circumstances. And don’t forget, our experienced team will be with you every step of the way!