senior friends playing game on deck

A Day in the Life of a Timber Ridge Resident

Timber Ridge at Talus residents lead active, engaging lives in their senior living community. Located near Seattle, Washington, Timber Ridge is tailored to provide residents with a maintenance-free, social, and dynamic lifestyle that celebrates this chapter in life.

Take a look at a day in the life of Timber Ridge residents Tomette Copp, Louise Tolle, and Eric Leberg to see what activities they’re involved in, how they spend their time, and their favorite aspects of living at Timber Ridge.

Tomette Copp

Tomette begins each week with a Sunday church service. She also looks forward to Taiwanese mahjong, Bible study, and ukulele twice a month. As the holiday season approaches, Tomette also participates in making and selling holiday cards. Her favorite meal at Timber Ridge is the seafood–salmon in particular.

In her free time, she visits with her friends. “I can’t wait to get up and spend time with people every day,” she said. Tomette meets with friends every Friday, Sunday, and Monday.

One of the best aspects of Timber Ridge at Talus is the opportunities for socialization. Tomette said, “We are like a landed cruise ship, where you can walk in the common areas and meet people from all over the world with interesting backgrounds.”

She added, “Everyone is interdependent; everyone takes care of each other. You have older residents and young employees. We care and learn from each other, like a big family.”

Each day she walks around the community about twice a day to take in all the beautiful surroundings. Tomette enjoys both her time in her apartment and the grounds of her community, “I also feel like I can do something in my apartment and be just as happy as I am outside.”

She says the most beautiful spot at Timber Ridge is the view from her apartment. “I can look out my window and stargaze from my couch every night. The string lights in the outdoor garden outside my apartment turn on every night, and it’s beautiful. It’s like I’m in Europe or something.” Tomette added the community’s most beautiful spot is the Grand Terrace.

senior friends playing game on deck

Louise Tolle

Louise Tolle, who previously lived in Issaquah for 50 years, has a different schedule each day. While most days begin with an exercise class in the morning, her week is filled with a variety of exciting activities.

Louise takes Art Appreciation and History of Movie classes through Timber Ridge University, a continuing education program for residents.

Louise looks forward to seeing her friends each day. Louise’s friend group takes turns hosting dinner every Monday, with each week spent at a different friend’s place.

On Wednesdays, Louise joins other residents in her apartment’s hallway to gather in a communal space called an “elbow area,” where residents can get together for dinner and socializing.

Like Tomette, Louise’s favorite view from Timber Ridge is from her apartment, while also saying the other most beautiful spot is the Grand Terrace. She also takes advantage of Timber Ridge’s scenic surroundings each day.

Eric Leberg

For Eric, every day is different and productive. He detailed his Thursday as a typical day in the life at Timber Ridge.

After having his morning coffee and reading the paper, Eric volunteers with the Cougar Mt. Middle School band.

He heads to the fitness center to work out when he returns to Timber Ridge.

Eric is the leader of a ukulele group and jazz band and is part of a musical duo with another resident. They rehearse twice a week and perform in Briarwood or Independent Living about twice a month.

One of his favorite parts of living in Timber Ridge is connecting with other people. “[There are] a lot of interesting, creative, nice, and intelligent people,” he said. “Many of our close friends are developed here. And the great thing is, we are all so close to each other so that we can meet up very easily,” he said.

In the evening, Eric spends time with his wife and practices his instruments.

He also enjoys the view from his apartment – something he has in common with Tomette and Louise.

“I’m surrounded by beautiful views. We look out the window from my apartment throughout the day, and it uplifts the both of us. My living room overlooks the mountains and skyline. My office view is full of trees.”

Eric’s favorite meal at Timber Ridge is the vegetarian taco salad. Eric and his wife enjoy eating on the Grand Terrace in the summer.

He said, “I’m a lucky guy. I’m living my dream.”

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Explore an Active Retirement at Timber Ridge

At Timber Ridge, we’re committed to a fulfilling and purposeful retirement. As you can see, our residents are living full lives in the company of seniors who care about the same things as they do. If this sounds like the right lifestyle for you, give us a call at 425-437-2961 to learn more and get on our waitlist.