Kristen Van Hollebeke

Staff Highlight: Kristen Van Hollebeke

Celebrating nearly a decade with Timber Ridge, Marketing and Move-in Coordinator Kristen Van Hollebeke has played a multitude of roles, each with sincere dedication and the utmost of importance.

Kristen takes pride in being well-rounded within the community which has ultimately helped her build unbreakable bonds with the residents as she has gotten to know them and watch them enjoy their lives living at Timber Ridge.

With years of experience in CCRCs and a degree in human development with specialization in gerontology, Kristen has a passion for helping people develop through all stages of their lives, but has a special interest working with older individuals. Growing up, while her sister played with the other kids – Kristen spent time with her grandparents.

In her role at Timber Ridge, Kristen helps people transition from a prospect to a depositor and eventually a resident. She helps create a seamless transition with a goal of a stress free and flawless move into Timber Ridge as well as handling all things logistical including setting up utilities and scheduling movers.

Being one of the first faces the residents become familiar with, Kristen has the opportunity to get to know each person individually in the community. She said that being a part of Timber Ridge has felt like her children grew up with 300 pairs of grandparents and she feels safe and welcomed.

Kristen is very family oriented, and in her free time enjoys being with her two sons and her husband of 15 years. Among other hobbies, she has been dancing since she was three and specializes in a variety of dance styles including ballet and jazz and is a part of a local dance studio.