Food and Beverage Director Marcus Kollmai at Timber Ridge at Talus

Exquisite Dining at Timber Ridge

From studying in one of the finest hospitality schools in Austria, owning and managing a banquet facility and running food and beverage at senior communities across the country, Marcus has put his skills and ideas to work in his new role at Timber Ridge.

“I grew up in Austria, surrounded by delicious food and a beautiful culture,” Marcus said. “I learned early on how important hospitality is in the success of a business. It’s about more than what you provide. It’s also about the attitude you have and how you make guests feel.”

As Food and Beverage Director, Marcus is working to continue to elevate the dining experience at Timber Ridge. A renovated kitchen in the Briarwood Health Center will keep dining standards high as food will be cooked fresh and to order. The health center menu is also tailored to the assisted living residents who often request a light Mediterranean style cuisine.

“Many of our residents are watching their weight, which is common in senior living communities,” Marcus said. “I focus on making healthy menus vibrant and delicious. We experiment with flavors, cooking styles and displays and of course, always request feedback from residents.”

Food and beverage is also about more than the food. The atmosphere and service all impact the dining experience for residents. By restructuring the dining rooms to include new carving stations and buffet, Marcus aims to make dinner a fun and enjoyable experience for all residents and visitors.

“My passion is cooking and food, so I like to incorporate many live cooking demos at the community,” Marcus said. “This allows me to interact with residents and make their dinner a show.”

The dining staff are also continually taught top service etiquette which includes manners for serving, uniform presentation, tableside manner and serving techniques.

“I want my staff to gain skills that they can carry with them throughout their career. Many of the F&B team members are young adults, and learning the art of top service includes discipline, hard work and professionalism,” Marcus said.

As Timber Ridge continues to grow and change, Marcus will work to keep his department innovative. Vegan food options will continue to be implemented on the menus as residents request this meal style. The department also prepares festive menus for traditional and fun holidays like Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo and Valentine’s Day.

“Timber Ridge is very special to me,” Marcus said, in fact my wife Angelika also works at the community in the HR department.” We work to provide the highest level of service to our residents and a fun work environment for our staff.”

During his rare free time, Marcus enjoys making jams and riding his motorcycle. When asked if he could name his favorite food or dish, Marcus said: “That’s too hard! My love for food is too great.”