Spring activities for seniors

5 Enjoyable Spring Activities for Seniors

Who’s ready to get outside and enjoy spring? Longer days mean more time to enjoy seasonal activities and celebrate with family and friends. Here’s a list of five simple, fun spring activities for seniors to help you welcome this lovely time of renewal and lift your spirits.

Here’s Your Checklist for Springtime Fun

Put out the welcome mat for all things spring with these five activities — they’re even more enjoyable when you share them with loved ones!

  • Take a walk for the health of it. Everyone benefits from fresh air and sunshine, but walking outdoors is especially beneficial for seniors. There are proven health benefits, including gaining muscle strength, helping reduce blood pressure and helping prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis — all factors that contribute to maintaining your independence. In a senior living community like Timber Ridge at Talus, the amenities include beautiful walking trails and a water feature that treat you to the sights and sounds of nature, while you improve your well-being.
  • Picnic with family and friends. A list of spring activities for seniors isn’t complete without recommending a picnic! Warm weather offers a wonderful opportunity to gather family and friends for an outdoor meal. Most parks have picnic areas, and Timber Ridge has many lovely outdoor spots to set up a fresh-air feast.
  • Do a little gardening. Plant a small herb garden on your patio and enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labor all summer. When you live in Timber Ridge, you can also enjoy tending the raised bed gardens known as the Pea Patches. Gardening isn’t great just for the soul, it also helps lower blood pressure and relieve stress, plus it’s so satisfying to help things grow!
  • Shop at a farmers market. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh-picked fruit or vegetables right out of the garden. Of course, they aren’t just tasty, they’re full of vitamins and nutrients, too. Farmers markets are also great places to try local honey, sample homemade jams and relishes, and pick out a bunch of spring flowers to brighten your home (or someone else’s day!).
  • Put out the welcome mat for feathered friends. Feeders are a helpful way to welcome back migrating birds. What’s more, studies have shown that watching birds from your window or outside is associated with reduced rates of depression, anxiety and stress. Everyone wins!

A Daily Dose of Nature is Good for Your Health

It’s not your imagination — a walk in the fresh air really does have important health benefits for older adults. It’s truly one of the best spring activities for seniors. Check out three reasons to why the great outdoors really is good medicine for your body and your spirit:

  • Sunshine is a natural Vitamin D booster. Higher levels of this key vitamin are directly related to a more optimistic attitude and also to an enhanced immune system to help you fend off colds and illness.
  • Fresh air gives you more energy and focus. There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine to help you feel invigorated and cheerful.
  • Natural light is nature’s best healer. It’s been proven that exposure to natural light isn’t just good for your attitude, it can actually help you get well sooner and improve overall health, focus and well-being.

Spring into a Welcoming New Way of Life

You deserve to elevate your lifestyle in all the best ways, and that’s what you can expect living at Timber Ridge at Talus in picturesque Issaquah, Washington.  As a resident in our independent living community, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, spacious apartment, a full schedule of spring activities for seniors, and numerous amenities designed to encourage freedom, fun and independence.

You’ll also appreciate knowing that higher levels of care will be there for you right in our community should you ever need them. Spring is the perfect time to discover what we have to offer. Contact us for more details and to arrange a tour.