two seniors walk their dog

Health and Wellness at Timber Ridge

There are many ways to better your physical, mental and social health. For instance, new hobbies and activities allow us to find new motivation for overall health and well-being.

At Timber Ridge, residents have the opportunity to engage in all types of activities. The community offers activities such as hiking, weight training, gardening, arts and crafts and volunteerism. How one feels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is important to overall health.

Timber Ridge offers a personal approach to residents, designed to optimize health and wellness for each resident. The community utilizes a healthcare navigator to connect residents to the right professionals who can help create and implement preventative health and wellness plans, such as setting and achieving fitness goals or creating a healthy diet with customized nutritional needs.

Timber Ridge’s prestigious five-star quality Briarwood Health Center offers outstanding comprehensive programs. The on-site health center provides personal attention and exceptional care by experienced health care professionals and also offers routine medical examinations as an option to maintain optimal health.