Senior wellness

8 Dimensions of Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Health and Happiness

Everyone wants to do something that will make them feel better, especially these days after having our lives disrupted for months on end. Perhaps you’ve set a goal to exercise more or go for a daily walk. Or cut down on alcohol. Or go vegan one day a week. These steps can help support your well-being. But there’s more to wellness than diet and exercise.

Senior wellness is being in good physical and mental health. It’s holistic and multidimensional. Positive and affirming. Self-directed and evolving.

If that sounds high-minded and hard to get your head around, think of it this way. Wellness is simply recognizing what makes you happy and making choices every day to help you get there.

The 8 dimensions of wellness

The eight dimensions of wellness are interconnected. Improving your physical health, for example, can benefit your mental health. On the other hand, neglecting any one dimension of wellness will adversely affect others. The goal is to be aware of each dimension and find a balance that works for you. One that’s aligned with your priorities and aspirations, including what it means to you personally to live life fully.

To help you start or refine your wellness plan, consider the eight dimensions of wellness defined here:

Physical wellness

A cornerstone of wellness, physical wellness is about improving your health by remaining active, establishing a healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits.

At Timber Ridge, that means taking advantage of the classes and programs available at the fitness center and heated indoor pool; enjoying healthy meals prepared by our culinary team; or hiking the trails nearby.

Emotional wellness

Support for the challenges that come with aging can give seniors comfort and strength in difficult times. Learning to cope with and adapt to life’s changes builds emotional well-being.

At Timber Ridge, keeping a positive attitude is second nature because we treat each other like family. As one resident puts it, “The friendliness one encounters here at Timber Ridge is never-ending, sincere and genuine.”

Social wellness

Socialization increases engagement, reduces isolation, and improves seniors’ outlooks. There’s no shortage of opportunities for socializing in an active senior living community like Timber Ridge.

Residents may enjoy card games, arts and crafts, movie nights, holiday parties, interest-based clubs, and other activities that bring them together with others.

Intellectual wellness

Intellectual activities boost cognitive function, stimulate the brain, and fuel lifelong learning. Residents of senior living communities might engage in brain games and exercises, book clubs, trivia contests, educational seminars, or tech workshops.

Timber Ridge University promotes lifelong learning with a variety of classes focused on residents’ interests. Popular classes include art, music and philosophy. There are also cultural outings to area theaters, museums, galleries and symphony performances.

Vocational wellness

Seniors have valuable work and life skills that can benefit the entire community. Residents can share their knowledge by teaching others, volunteering, building or creating something, or leading discussion groups.

At Timber Ridge, for example, the Sawdusters (our woodworking club) make toys for kids at Christmas. Other residents serve on various committees or volunteer their time and talents to teach others.

Environmental wellness

A pleasant and stimulating environment supports well-being. This can encompass gardens and green spaces; clean, bright surroundings; a friendly, caring staff; accessible technology; and festive seasonal decorations.

The Pea Patch program at Timber Ridge offers residents opportunities to tend their own garden. Just off campus, residents have miles of walking and hiking trails to explore. And there are always hillside views to lift your spirits and connect you to nature.

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness is about finding purpose, value and meaning in your life. It offers hope, strength and peace.

At Timber Ridge, residents might nurture their spiritual selves through on-site worship services, meditation, religious studies, music performances, and other activities consistent with their beliefs and values.

Health services

Senior living communities offer caring, attentive support suited to residents’ health needs — which enhances peace of mind for both residents and their families.

At Timber Ridge, health care support includes fitness evaluations and health screenings; an emergency response system in every residence; therapeutic and recuperative care to help residents get back on their feet; memory care support; and skilled nursing. Beyond that, Timber Ridge does whatever it takes to safeguard residents’ health. As one of the first communities in the country to face the pandemic, a proactive and science-based approach helped keep residents safe.

Where wellness is a way of life

To learn how our independent lifestyle can support a healthier, happier you, get in touch. We’re always happy to answer your questions or schedule a visit, either in person or virtually online.