Senior living residents having fun and laughing together

The Importance of Socialization for Independent Living Seniors and How to Stay Connected

Aging well isn’t just about eating well and exercising. As it turns out, having an active social life is also important for your health and well-being. Maintaining social connections and meeting new friends can help older adults build up “social capital” and a sense of belonging and purpose. 

Social circles tend to shrink over time as people retire from jobs, drift apart from friends or grieve the loss of loved ones. However, older adults who live in communities built around a vibrant lifestyle full of social activities are more likely to stay connected with their peers. When you live near people who have shared goals and values, you can support each other through the ups and downs in life. 


Health Benefits of Being Socially Engaged

How does staying in touch with friends and meeting new people help your health? Research points to numerous benefits of social activities for seniors, including evidence that seniors who maintain an active social life are able to maintain independence longer than their counterparts who have less frequent social interactions. Having a network of support from others is linked to having fewer health problems and living longer. In addition, staying socially active can help seniors protect their health in the following ways:

  • Physical health. Engaging in social activities can help maintain mobility and motor function.
  • Mental alertness. Interacting with others helps people stay mentally sharp and connected to the world around them, which may reduce the risk of dementia.
  • Lower risk of depression and loneliness. Having meaningful social interactions with others can reduce the risk of isolation and depression.
  • Healthy living. Being part of a community may also help reinforce healthy behaviors, like going for walks and eating healthy meals.


How to Stay Socially Active as You Age

Senior living communities are designed to maximize opportunities for fun, friendship, health and happiness later in life. Being part of a community where it’s easy to meet people and make friends provides many benefits. Here are some of the ways to expand your social circle at Timber Ridge at Talus:

  • Wellness opportunities. Meet new people and discover fun ways to stay fit when you try a full lineup of fitness classes, including yoga, tai chi, water exercise, functional strength training, and more.
  • Restaurant-style dining. Dining is more fun with friends! Enjoy chef-prepared meals with a variety of menu options and dining venues, along with exceptional service at every meal. Plan a lunch date with friends in the Bistro, invite family to join you for dinner, or grab takeout to bring with you on your next adventure.
  • Community outings. Life is never boring when you have so many activities to choose from, including planned trips to explore local attractions and events. 
  • Creative expression. Meet people who share your interests, whether that’s painting, crafting, writing, woodworking, gardening, dancing or making music. With a creative arts studio, woodworking shop, auditorium, and more amenities right outside your door, it’s easy to fill up your calendar with activities and opportunities to engage with others.


A Community Designed for a Vibrant Social Life

As a resident of Timber Ridge, you’ll be surrounded by warm and friendly neighbors who share your interests and zest for life. Moving in sooner than later means you’ll have more opportunities to build lasting friendships with others of a similar age and stage in life. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our vibrant independent living community in Issaquah, WA, including a host of services and amenities for an active lifestyle.