Timber Ridge’s Marketing and Sales Director Jill White

Meet Jill White – Timber Ridge’s Marketing and Sales Director

It is not often that your passion and your career go hand in hand. However, Marketing and Sales Director, Jill White is the exception. Her passion for guiding others through the retirement process and being fulfilled is what drives her work at Timber Ridge.

Jill started her journey at Timber Ridge in January 2009. Since then, she has dedicated herself to ensuring that residents have the very best of senior living with enriching experiences.

“I love my job and feel very fortunate to have discovered what I have come to realize is my true calling: guiding and empowering people to fully understand all the options available for today’s retirees,” Jill said. “I am also grateful to be working with so many dedicated professionals at the community level and beyond.”

Jill spends much of her time engaging with potential new residents to help them explore retirement and its offerings. She has been pivotal in the development of the Timber Ridge community including its Phase II expansion that added new apartment homes, a fabulous indoor swimming pool, multipurpose auditorium and expanded Briarwood Health Center.

In addition to her marketing role at Timber Ridge, Jill has many interests outside of work. She is an avid history buff where she takes an added interest in World War I, World War II and the British Monarchy. Stemming from her deeply rooted interest in history, she also loves to collect antique and vintage jewelry.

“I find stories to be fascinating,” Jill said. “Jewelry so nicely parallels and tells the story of much of the history and culture of the time period in which they are from.”

She is also an experienced sailor and boater and loves all that the northwest has to offer, while not afraid to sink a crab pot or dig for clams when the opportunity presents itself.

“What I find to be the most inspirational part of my time spent at Timber Ridge is that I don’t really see age anymore, I just see people,” Jill said. “And at the end of the day, we are all the same, and each of us deserve to live a fulfilled life no matter what stage of life we find ourselves.”