View of Seattle, WA, skyline at night

7 Benefits of Retiring in Seattle, Washington

We love the Pacific Northwest. Few other areas of the United States offer the diversity of climate, nature, people, food and entertainment. And don’t get us started on the coffee! So it’s no wonder people like yourself eventually end up doing a bit of internet sleuthing on what it’s like to retire in Seattle, Washington.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, Issaquah or any of our other favorite Washington communities, that should be your first step. Hop on a bus, board a train, catch a flight, get in your car and get out here. There’s amazing senior living in Seattle, Washington, but more importantly, it’s just a different vibe. A relaxed, natural feeling that washes over you as soon as you cross the border.

7 Reasons You Should Think About Senior Living in Seattle

1. Seattle Offers Amazing Healthcare Services

It seems like there are as many hospitals in Seattle as there are Starbucks locations, which means it should come as no surprise that the city’s healthcare system ranks among the 10 best in the nation based on infrastructure, quality of care and access. This is great for everyone but particularly well suited for those of us looking to retire in Washington state.

2. Seattle Is an Eclectic Cultural Mecca

People of a certain age think of Seattle as the birth of grunge rock, and that’s true. But the music scene has deeper roots than Nirvana. Legends like Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones called this part of the world their home as well. And the music scene is still evolving and thriving today.

Beyond music, you can find a plethora of festivals, art exhibits and live performances at the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Repertory Theatre or Seattle Art Museum and other venues. Active seniors over 60 can even take advantage of the city’s Gold Card for discounted or free entrance at many of the city’s art institutions.

3. Seattle Enjoys a Pleasantly Mild Climate

Too many of us fall for the misperception that it’s always rainy in Seattle. Sure, it rains here, but the city gets less rainfall per year than New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta, just to name a few. Part of what makes retiring to Seattle and Washington state so attractive is its unique weather. It’s as diverse as the people themselves. Few states boast an ocean, mountain ranges, a tropical forest and the exciting juxtaposition of urban and rural existence. That’s Washington!

4. Seattle Is Perfect for Nature Lovers

If you love soaking up some Vitamin D and are seeking an active retirement lifestyle, Washington state is the place to be.

Like to hike or bike? Washington Park and Discovery Park, just two of our favorite local parks, offer more than 200 acres of hiking and biking trails through cityscapes to mountain views.

Is golfing your main source of exercise? Jefferson Park Golf Course in Beacon Hill is just one of many courses where the beauty of the Seattle skyline might interfere with your concentration (but in a good way!).

There are simply too many outdoor recreation options to list here, so get out there and see some for yourself. You may decide you’ll never leave.

5. Seattle Living Is Great on Your Pocketbook

Washington loves retirees! This is a very tax-friendly state. Your social security and pension income is not taxed, nor are withdrawals from your retirement accounts. The state’s property tax is lower than average, and it collects no inheritance taxes on estates less than $2 million. On the flip side, there is a state sales tax, but it is relatively low compared to similarly sized states.

6. Seattle Is Easy to Get Around

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is an easy 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. And getting around once you’ve arrived is just as convenient. Buses and rail lines are plentiful here in Seattle and across Washington state. Most lines in the city run 24/7. The area also boasts amazing light rail, ferries and street cars. Taxis and ride-share vehicles are also widely available

7. Seattle’s Crime Rate Is Low

One of the biggest concerns most retirees have when deciding where to settle down is crime. This is another area in which Seattle, and Washington state as a whole, shines. The state’s crime rate is roughly 284 offenses per 100,000 people. That’s much lower than the national average.

Bonus Reasons You Should Think About Senior Living in Seattle

This area of the country offers many beautiful luxury senior independent living opportunities like our very own Timber Ridge at Talus nestled at the base of Cougar Mountain just East of Seattle in Issaquah, Washington. Not only will you enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by possibilities at our community, but you’ll discover a world of adventures awaiting you in the surrounding area. If we’ve convinced you to give the Seattle area a shot when you retire, let’s talk. We’d love to give you more information and answer all your questions as you make your decision to move to what we think is the very best place in the US to retire.