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Top Amenities to Look for in an Independent Living Community

If you’re exploring senior living options, you probably know that independent living communities offer active seniors an easy, maintenance-free lifestyle. You can sit back, relax and… do what? After a lifetime of hard work, household chores and other obligations, you may not know how to answer that question. What will you do with your free time? That’s where independent senior living amenities come in. These are the features that give you myriad opportunities to enrich every day with the pursuits that are most meaningful – and fun – to you. So when you’re shopping for the perfect senior living community, look for the services and amenities that will elevate your retirement experience, like these:

Delectable Dining

You may have spent a lifetime answering the question, “What’s for dinner?” If you choose a senior living community with multiple dining venues, the only question you have to answer is, “Where do we want to eat tonight?” An array of options — from casual to elegant — and chef-prepared menus ensure that whichever dining option you choose, you’ll be treated to mouthwatering meals. What’s more, the input of an on-staff registered dietitian ensures that any dietary needs or preferences you may have can be accommodated.

A Philosophy of Wellness

Being physically active supports brain health, reduces the risk of certain diseases, strengthens bones and muscles, and can make it easier to perform everyday activities. That’s why it’s so important to choose a senior living community that inspires you to keep moving. Look for a community with a state-of-the-art fitness center, scenic walking trails, a pool, and opportunities to work with staff to develop a personalized fitness plan.

Of course, wellness is multidimensional. A senior living community that emphasizes whole-person health will offer activities and amenities that support your social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional well-being, too.

Creative Opportunities

Research links higher levels of creativity with longevity, suggesting that creativity can play an important role in health and well-being. Whether your idea of getting creative means using a scroll saw to make toys, growing a dazzling display of flowers in a raised garden bed, or putting paint to canvas in an art studio, look for a senior living community where you can indulge your artistic side.

Ways to Actively Engage

An independent living community is like a college campus or summer camp for older adults. There are many opportunities to engage in the pursuits that interest you. Take a morning walk with your walking group, serve on a resident committee, meet friends at the putting green, watch a movie at the on-campus auditorium — and that’s just one day in the life of an independent living resident! You can choose to be as active as you like, or take a more leisurely approach. The numerous events and activities offered in a senior living community ensure that each day holds exciting possibilities and social opportunities, as well.

An Emphasis on Lifelong Learning

Curiosity, it turns out, is good for you. As you follow your curiosity — taking classes, learning new skills — you develop your cognitive reserve, which can reduce symptoms of dementia and help you function better in the face of life’s stresses. In a vibrant senior living community, lifelong learning programs will give you ample opportunities to explore subjects that pique your interest, meet like-minded people and boost your cognitive reserve.

A Secure Plan for the Future

When you’re exploring senior living options, it’s important to think about which independent senior living amenities will be most meaningful and fun. But a realistic approach suggests that you’ll also want to consider the less pleasant possibilities. Will the senior living community you choose be able to serve your needs if you or your spouse has a health setback? If you choose a Life Plan Community, the answer is yes. In a Life Plan Community, you have access to higher levels of care — such as assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing — on the same campus without a significant change in your monthly fee, giving you peace of mind and a savvy plan for the what-ifs in life.

A Vibrant Setting

The surrounding community expands your opportunities to pursue the activities you most enjoy.
If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you’ll want a senior living community with scenic views and convenient access to hiking trails or other recreational opportunities. If you love the lights, bustle and cultural attractions of a big city, search for a community that puts you near the action. Prefer a charming, small-town feel? Seek out independent living communities nestled in idyllic towns.

The Best of Independent Living at Timber Ridge at Talus

What if you want small-town charm, big-city culture and a picturesque natural setting? Then you’d love Timber Ridge. We’re a Life Plan Community in Issaquah, Washington, near the Cascades Mountain Range and only 30 minutes from Seattle. Here you’ll find easy access to trailheads, beautiful views, and the independent senior living amenities that provide for a varied, exhilarating lifestyle. Plus, our emphasis on hospitality ensures that you’ll enjoy a feeling of genuine connection, belonging and welcome. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a visit.