The Marathon Club has come to Timber Ridge!

The Marathon Club has come to Timber Ridge! Started by the inspiration of Timber Ridge’s Fitness Director Rachel Leszczynski, resident Robert Clark leads the six-member group on a bi-weekly hour run throughout Issaquah. The group was formed just a few months ago and grows in participants each time.

Robert grew up in Issaquah and would run all throughout the town. Now, he enjoys being able to take the group around the areas where he used to run, while sharing some historical facts about the town along the way. He currently runs on his own about three days a week for five miles, but he very much enjoys the times when he gets to run with the group. “It’s such a relaxing group of people,” he shares. “Everyone goes at a slow pace, so no one is left behind. And, I want to emphasize that the group is more of a social group, rather than strictly focused on running. We all really enjoy it!”

Another active member and leader within the group, Dan Anderson, explains that he was a bit reluctant to join the group because his speed has slowed down over the years. He now encourages other residents to not let that stop them from joining. “What’s nice is it’s not a race. A striding walker could walk as fast as we run,” he enlightens. “It’s gentle, where people can talk and get to know each other. Plus, the scenery couldn’t be more beautiful, so we’ll often stop to take pictures and take in the beauty of the Issaquah Alps.”

Dan’s background with running started from a very young age, and he completed his first marathon in 1972 at the age of 41. While attending MIT, a friend invited him to go on a long-distance run and he was hooked on distance running ever since. In his lifetime, Dan has completed 116 marathons all around the world from Greece to California to Canada. While he would typically win marathons in his age group, he once won a whole marathon, which Dan explains is no easy task. While they were all very accomplishing, his favorite was Avenue of the Giants in Northern California.

Approaching 90 years old, Dan does not participate in marathons anymore, but still has an impressive running schedule. Outside of the club, Dan runs a 5k every other day, regardless of the weather.

“I hear many people talking about the marathon club around the community, so I’m feeling enthusiastic that the word is getting around. The more the merrier!” Dan exclaims.