senior woman holds her glasses while she reads her tablet

Top Senior Living Trends in 2020

Each year, new trends in senior living cause the industry to evolve and set new standards. The best senior living communities keep up with senior living industry trends to ensure they’re providing the highest-quality experience for their residents. By 2030, all Baby Boomers (the largest generation in the U.S.) will be seniors, and for the first time in U.S. history, adults will outnumber children. A “new normal” is expected to set in as COVID-19 re-defines our standards, and our systems and services will need to adapt to serve our aging population.

Here are a few trends that are already shaping the future of senior living:

  1. Advanced Technology – Advancements in technology have made it possible to create a seamless and connected technological experience, which can be particularly beneficial for seniors. Voice-activated systems like Amazon Alexa can be installed in the home so seniors can set reminders, stay connected with people, and even alert first responders for help in a medical emergency. Smartwatches can serve many of the same functions as the Amazon Alexa, and they can also detect vitals and alert seniors and first responders if there’s a concern. Other senior living technology trends include smart pillboxes, smart clothing, and smart mattresses.
  2. Intergenerational Connection – Some senior living communities are being built on or very near college campuses. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, because both parties can gain from each other’s company. Intergenerational relationships can be uplifting for everyone involved; people have the opportunity to learn from one another and negative stereotypes can be dispelled.
  3. Desirable Location – Seniors can opt to retire in their dream location. Many senior living communities are being built close to shopping centers, fine dining and cultural attractions. Communities are being built to align with their prospective residents’ interests, so if you’re a beach bum, you can live on the coast of Florida, or if you’re a mountaineer, you can live near the tree-laden Pacific Northwest mountain ranges.
  4. Opportunity for Personal Growth – Another one of the resident-focused trends in senior living communities is the holistic approach to wellness many communities are taking. Elaborate fitness centers with personal trainers and group exercise classes are standard at top-of-the-line communities. But the wellness opportunities don’t stop at the physical level. Senior living trends are encouraging communities to provide opportunities for wellness in eight dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial and environmental. That means they offer learning opportunities, social engagements, spiritual and religious gatherings, volunteer opportunities, educational events, and more ways to curate a lifestyle that promotes wellness from all angles.
  5. Open-Concept Floor Plan Layout – This modern take on senior living floor plan interior design trends makes residences more accessible for seniors with assistive devices like wheelchairs or walkers. We’re seeing more expansive trends in senior living design to serve this category of living. Not only do open-concept layouts make more sense for seniors, they open up the space to encourage communication when occupying different rooms and feel more spacious.
  6. Convenient Health Care – On-site health care is the new standard in senior living. Senior living communities nowadays have the Type A LifeCare® contract, which offers unlimited days of long-term health services, if ever needed, at predictable low rates. You don’t have to worry about where you’ll get the care you may need or how much it will cost.
  7. 5-Star Dining On-Site – Seniors can enjoy the luxury of fine dining within their own community. Communities are bringing on 5-star chefs to keep up with innovative food and dining trends in senior living and create dining gourmet experiences.

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