Looking Back: 2017 At Timber Ridge at Talus

As 2017 comes to a close, the residents and staff at Timber Ridge at Talus are thankful for the many blessings that were experienced this year. A close-knit community located in Issaquah, Washington, Timber Ridge at Talus’ commitment to fitness, nutrition, and holistic well-being are among residents’ favorite attributes. This year also brought some exciting additions to the community, as well as the continuation of beloved programs and activities.

Residents Hit the Gym

Fitness is always a big topic at the community and this year was no exception. In fact, residents logged an impressive number of hours and miles both on- and off-campus. In July, residents competed in the Exercise Across America initiative, a program designed to keep people moving. Residents selected a U.S. city and accumulated the number of miles it would take to get there by racking up miles on the elliptical or bike, swimming laps in the pool, or walking. It was a friendly competition that proved to be fun motivation for residents to exercise.

In response to requests from residents, the community also ran a Summer Boot Camp. Rachel Leszczynski, Fitness Manager at Timber Ridge, offered classes focused on balance, bodyweight exercises, and circuit classes in the fitness center. Residents also participated in regularly scheduled hikes in the area. The average trek was three to five miles, but no matter the distance, residents enjoyed the fellowship and the beauty that is the backyard: the Pacific Northwest.

In Pursuit of Culture

Residents pursued their love of the arts and thirst for knowledge this year in a multitude of ways. The Village Theatre, Issaquah Symphony and Seattle Symphony Orchestras ranked among the favorite off-site events to attend. Because of the blessing of two fantastic orchestras, more residents than ever were inspired by symphonic melodies. Many thanks go to the Issaquah Symphony for giving the gift of music to so many in the  community.

Lifelong learners participated in the Timber Ridge University education program of excellence. This adapted education offers an array of classes that cater to around residents’ interests and is designed to pique curiosities and inspire. Whether residents are pursuing lifelong interests or learning something for the first time, the classes have proven to be fulfilling.

The Spirit of the Season

As the year winds down, Timber Ridge at Talus’s very own Sawdusters, a craft and philanthropic group comprised of residents of Timber Ridge, are as busy as elves, crafting beautiful, hand-built toy airplanes, trucks and cars to give to children. Last year the Sawdusters donated 375 toys to the Children’s Hospital of Seattle! With a heart for service and a work ethic that doesn’t quit, the spirit of the Sawdusters never fails to add to the magic and excitement that fills the air around the holidays.

Timber Ridge at Talus is a place with many things to do, places to go and people to meet. As residents reminisce about the memorable experiences, connections and friendships of 2017, the Timber Ridge team is busy planning an extraordinary year to come. To learn more about ongoing activities and events at Timber Ridge at Talus, or what lies ahead in 2018, please call 425-427-2929. Happy New Year!