Learning Doesn’t Stop When You Leave the Classroom

Timber Ridge University is an education program of excellence that Timber Ridge at Talus adapted for residents to continue lifelong learning in the form of classes that are centered around their interests. Dave Avolio serves as the Education Committee Chair and has been very active with Timber Ridge University for the past eight years.

Every year or so, the committee requests that residents complete a survey on the topics they would be most interested in learning about. The most popular topics tend to be focused on art, music or philosophy. Some examples of popular classes include “The Reader’s Theater,” which is a group of people that read a radio program and talk about new ideas, which is a class based on the immensely popular TED Talks.

The instructors come from two different sources – either The Telos, a senior community at Bellevue College or The Osher Learning Institute, which is affiliated with University of Washington. The committee sits in on classes at these two locations to see if they would be beneficial to add as a class at Timber Ridge University.

“Timber Ridge University has been growing slowly but steadily throughout the years and with the Phase II addition, we’ve seen an increase of residents registering for classes,” Dave explains. There are currently 125 residents registered for classes.

The classes are one day per week and are typically four-week or eight-week courses. Space is limited and some classes are repeated if there is a waiting list. Residents are also encouraged to sign up for as many classes as they would like per term, with space permitting.

“The best part of Timber Ridge University is the mingling of attendees in each class. The people that participate in the classes get to be a part of this community within the community,” Dave shares. “Same interests give you something to talk about and a foundation for a friendship. These classes give a unique experience to have discussions.”